Game Overview


The Way Home is a character-driven 2D side-scrolling platformer adventure game. It follows the journey of Hope, a 14-year-old girl who’s life has turned upside down after her mother passed away and she and her father move to a new town. When Hope gets lost, she is forced to find her way home through daunting surroundings by overcoming many obstacles, not least her grief, which she must face, and ultimately learn to control.

Essential experience:

“To experience the non-sensical, solitary reality of grief, and the grappling for reason and independence.”

ESRB rating:

Mild language, themes of grief and death.


Unique Selling Points:

Whilst games of this genre often feature stories that focus on the universal theme of grief, The Way Home sets itself apart by letting the player have a hands on interaction with the protagonist’s grief in the form of a mechanic. Watch as Hope grows, learns to confront, control and embrace her pain by using the unique abilities it gives her to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

Available Platforms:

The Way Home can be created for any platform.