The Way Home is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that conforms to the usual rules but with a few added extra features.

Navigation: Classic bi-directional navigation along the X axis.

Jump: Half character height.

Object interaction: Objects available for interaction will have a small white dot appear above them as Hope walks within one character width of it.

Grief: Triggered by interactions with environmental objects or NPCs, Hope will shudder and then become translucent, endowing her with some extra abilities whilst also taking some away.

  • Jump: Jump height is increased to three-quarters of Hope’s height.
  • Double jump: after one jump, Hope will be able to jump again, giving her a total jump height of one and a half times her character height.
  • Air currents: Air currents will become visible when Hope is in grief, which she can jump onto and be carried over otherwise insurmountable objects.
  • Interaction with NPCs: Hope will no longer be able to interact with any NPCs with the exception of Teddy.
  • Interaction with objects: Hope will no longer be able to interact with objects.


Composure: Hope will be able to locate scripted “composure points” in which the player will have to trigger Hope’s breathing in accordance to a pulsating white circle emanating from her core, hitting the trigger when the circle is at its smallest and glowing the brightest. This will return her to her normal state, allowing her to interact with NPCs and objects again, but decreasing her jump height and removing the double jump and air current abilities.


Dialogue options: When interacting with NPCs Hope will have the different response options that will appear one or more bubbles over her head. These options will slightly change the subsequent response of the NPCs, however the greater narrative of the game will not be altered. (Dialogue options prototype)