Hope is a 14-year-old girl who’s mother died of breast cancer 3 months prior to the events outlined in the game. Clever, sarcastic, but a little shy, Hope has found herself in a difficult position when her and her father move to a new town in rural England following the passing of her mum. With no friends, and currently no school to go to, Hope sets out exploring to pass the time between meals as her father works hard to keep what remains of the family afloat.

Top of her class at her previous school, Hope has all the technical know-how anyone could with for at her age, but lacks a little real world experience, having had an extremely close relationship with her mother and not learning to be terribly independent. For the same reason, Hope never made many friends, her dry wit makes her occasionally abrasive to talk to. She is not particularly outgoing, either, preferring the company of herself to that of her peers.

It is the player’s job to guide Hope through her coming-of-age tale, learning the necessity of facing her grief, confronting her emotions, and learning to be brave and independent in a world that seems to isolate her when she needs a shoulder to cry on. Not only this, but Hope must also learn when to ask for help, and how her own experience can be of use to others. Hope’s journey will take her through grief, joy, loss and discovery, to a place where she can accept pain as a part of life, and use her experiences to grow into a braver person.