The Way Home is set in an unspecified village in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, England in mid-autumn.



Architecture: Distinctive features of the architecture include yellow limestone buildings, generally square, and not tending to be more than two stories high. Roofs are made predominantly of slate, however there are occasionally thatched houses in the area.

Nature: The natural environment includes wide, open spaces, fields lined with stone walls and hedges, streams, rivers, lakes and woodlands.

Trees: The Cotswolds is home to many different types of indigenous trees. The most individual in appearance include:

  • Oak: Thick trunked, large, old trees with dark bark with leaves that turn golden brown in the autumn.
  • Beech: Tall, wiry trees with pale bark that can turn dark orange or sometimes red in the autumn.
  • Willow: Long tendrils of leaves that turn yellow-green in the autumn, found near a body of water.
  • Ash: Tall, thin trunked trees with leaves that turn deep carmine in the auumn.
  • (Honourable mention) Horse Chestnut: Twisting, dark-barked trees with golden leaves. Quite like oak trees in shape but produce conkers in the autumn.



The events of the game take place in a linear order as specified by the narrative and represented by this map that Hope makes along the way.