Over-worked, over-stressed, and with more responsibilities than he’s used to, Hope’s father is struggling to keep their little family afloat, working extra hours at his office job just to pay the rent. While he is caring and perhaps a little too indulgent when it comes to his daughter, their recent bereavement has left him reeling, struggling to pick up the pieces of a household void of the love of his life and the mother of his child.

Hope’s father, solely referred to as “Dad” throughout the entire game, is a straight-talking, capable man, who the player will see little of at the beginning of the game except as a stressed shadow cast across a barely furnished house. Constantly taking calls and missing sleep, he has no time for his daughter while he works desperately hard to get a promotion that will provide the two of them with more stability.

It will take Dad a while to understand that in working so hard, he is missing time spent with his daughter, but upon realising this he will notice her absence and move mountains to find her.