Twelve-year-old Teddy is shy, nervous and unsuspecting, and one of the game’s most important secondary characters. Bullied for his stutter and emotional vulnerability, Teddy has lost interest in school and finds solace wandering the town during the evenings instead. His home life isn’t ideal; his parents are separated and his mother is currently unemployed and struggling with her own mental health issues. He doesn’t wish to burden his mother, and so doesn’t tell her about the bullying, for fear that it would make matters worse for her. When he plays truant from school, he never spends any time at home.

Teddy lacks self-control when it comes to his emotions, often getting overwhelmed by his circumstances and breaking down in public – a situation that Hope can relate to. While Teddy doesn’t experience the same change in physicality as Hope when he’s hurting, he can see her when she’s in her grief state.

His knowledge of the secret passages and pathways through town is unparalleled due to the amount of time he spends outside of school and the fact that he has grown up in the area. While he is far from brave, Teddy takes a brave leap when he meets Hope and offers to help her find a way home.